didgeman (didgeman) wrote,

Didgeman's Blog, 08252004

Well, this is the first entry.
What's happening in my life? I've started up this blog at the request of a friend.
I think it's a pretty good way to exchange thoughts and experiences unique to my life.
Ok, to summarize the week so far (it's Wednesday): I got the Interlibrary Loan book I've been waiting for - "Captive Care and Medical Reference for the Rehabilitation of Insectivorious Bats". Yeahhh, it's totally a Geeky NerdBook, but hey I'm rehabbing a bat. It got inside an office and hurt it's shoulder. That was like a month ago. It's getting stronger so pretty soon I'll be releasing it. The book's for reference to make sure I'm doing everything right.
My snapping turtle eggs have hatched (well, one has.. so far) and I'll be releasing them soon also. I got them from a co-worker who had to get rid of them from her garden.
So I'm pretty happy about these things.

GF's dog almost fucked up my best pipe. He got up on the shelf (Like 4 feet up!)and pulled it down to destroy, as his habit is with everything around the place. GF heard it and rescued the pipe, thank GOD. No damage. Had that pipe 15 years, maaan. It's the first one I ever bought and the best one, too.

Don't even go there with that dog. I hate him. Pages worth.

This weekend is the Native American Powwow in CT - Schemitzun! We'll be going to that. The kids are excited. They really had a great time last year.

Gotta go pick up a check after work. I have three jobs, one is fulltime and the other two are part time office cleaning accounts. I have to call one of the accounts each time I clean the place so they can write out the check. Hey it pays the bills.

And! I FINALLY got the bonus in my fulltime job paycheck! It's been like 2 months since they said it was coming. Took about a $200 bite out of it though for taxes, maaaan! That sucks. Leaves me with like fittynine cent in mah hand!

This weekend the kids sleep over my place. They are excited about the turtles finally hatching. Jeez, the second bedroom is getting like a zoo: The turtles, the bat, and the rats all lined up against one wall. What Next?
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yay! you joined *smile*

i LOVE turtles... man i wish i had a turtle. your chitlins must LOVE all those animals! i know i would...
Hi Alison!
Yup! I just now joined! In fact I'm still building it!
It's really great to see your pic in my comments section. I love that one - Your expression is so.. I dunno.. pensive, haunting. Every time I see it I wonder..."What is she thinking about?" "What's happening there?"
Anyways, Yeah they love the animals. I was brought up to love and respect wildlife and I want to teach them those ways also.
Hey you ought to put turtles on your list of interests! I'm gonna!
hahaha. yeah, if i added turtles then i'd have to add almost every other animal o_O

of course i believe i have giraffes in my interest... giraffes are so sexy...
i just realized you *just now* created this account and this entry. am i on the ball or WHAT?!

he he he
You are THERE, maaaan!